Pivot Toward Possibility

I am so excited to talk to Kirk Souder from Pivot Toward Possibility webcast about how “Whole Brain Living” can empower our personal agency to activate parts of our brain. This is an opportunity for you to ask me questions, get answers, and get coaching live from me. You can register now for this free

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Dr. Jill

Anxiety Slayer Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of Speaking with Shann Vander Leek, cohost of the award-winning Anxiety Slayer Podcast about how we can get acquainted with the Four Characters in our brain that drive our lives and how they give us the power of choice to live our best life and access more peace. You can

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A Life of Greatness Podcast

It was wonderful to be a guest on A Life of Greatness podcast with Sarah Grynberg to talk about Whole Brain Living. We spoke about the power of meditation and how it is a beautiful tool that we can use to shift our consciousness into a more peaceful state. Peace truly is just a thought

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Cancer Connections From Clearity Podcast

It was very meaningful for me to have this conversation with host Hillary Theakston for the Cancer Connections from Clearity podcast. We had an important chat about how those with cancer can “hook into love instead of fear” when facing these enormous life challenges. I hope you will listen to the full episode about the

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Looking at Lyme Podcast

It was great being a guest on the Looking at Lyme podcast with Sarah Cormode. I shared my experience with stroke and we talked about Lyme disease from a cellular perspective. I also shared some simple things you can do to increase your brain health on a daily basis. Feel free to listen to the

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Banyen Books Podcast

It was fun speaking with Ross McKeachie on the Banyen Books podcast about Whole Brain Living. I shared how to hold a BRAIN Huddle, we talked about how the Four Characters can be in romantic relationships, as well as how we can short-circuit emotional reactivity to find our way to peace, and more. I hope you

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