Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill in the News

Since Dr. Jill delivered the TED talk in 2008, she has been interviewed by hundreds of journalists worldwide--those publications are too numerous to list and can be obtained via internet search. Below is a sample list of the early interviews.

Archived Interviews with Dr. Jill:

Psychjourney, "My Stroke of Insight" with Deborah Harper (July 2008)

Fresh Air, "After a Stroke, a Scientist Studies Herself" with Terry Gross (June 2008)

Moblogic.com, "Jill Bolte Taylor" with Lindsay Campbell (June 2008)

TalkZone.com, "Stroke of Insight" with Dave Olson (June 2008)

Indiana State University, "Time 100" with Dave Taylor (May 2008)

Wine and Dine Radio, "My Stroke of Insight" with Lynn Krielow Chamberlain (May 2008)

The Dr. Pat Show, "My Stroke of Insight" with Dr. Pat Baccili (April 2008)

Shrink Rap Radio #147, "Nirvana and the Brain" with David Van Nuys (April 2008)

SummitSpeak...All Leaders Rise, "My Stroke of Insight" with Susan Cavanagh (April 2008)

KUSP Santa Cruz, CA, "Interview with Dr. Jill Taylor" with Robert Pollie (March 2008)

Bennie Randall Show, "Brain Scientist's Personal Journey" (October 4, 2007)

Lulu Radio Podcast #32, "Interview with Dr. Jill Taylor" (July 18, 2007)

Noon Edition (WFIU 103.7), Indiana University, "Dr. Jill Taylor" (June 8, 2007)

Sound Medicine (WFYI 90.1FM), Indiana University School of Medicine, "Stroke of Insight" (January 2007)

Profiles (WFIU 103.7), Indiana University, "Jill Taylor" (September 2005)

About Jill's Story:

ABC News, "Stroke of Insight: A Window Inside the Brain" by Katie Escherich (June 24, 2008)

New York Times, "A Superhighway to Bliss" by Leslie Kaufman (May 2008)

TIME Magazine, "100 Most Influential People in the World" by Dick Clark (May 2008)

500 Festival Mini-Marathon "Celebrating Life Award" (May 2007)

Indiana University Media Relations, "Living Well" (November 2006)

Oklahoma City Journal Record, "St. Anthony, American Stroke Association host 'A Stroke of Courage'" (May 2005)

Topeka Capital-Journal, "Scientist Studies Others' Gray Matter" (October 2000)

Boston Phoenix, "How to Get Ahead in Science" (April 1999)

Discover Magazine, "A Blow to the Brain" (January 1999)

Some of Dr. Jill's Research before the stroke:

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