Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

About her presentations...

Dr. Taylor is one of those rare speakers who can keep an audience perched on the edge of their seats for over 90 minutes. Dr. Jill projects an amazing positive energy and is committed to educating everyone about the beauty and resiliency of the human brain. She keynotes with the single intention of helping her audience walk away with a better understanding of what is going on inside their heads and how they can get their brain to do what they want it to do. She is a true advocate for the neuroplasticity of the brain, and its ability to recover from trauma.

Dr. Jill explains in terms everyone can understand how our brain organizes information and what the differences are between our right and left cerebral hemispheres. She firmly believes that the most important relationship we each have is the relationship between our logical, rational, verbal left brain, and its counterpart - our creative, intuitive, thinking in moments right hemisphere. Dr. Jill helps us understand how our two brains work together to create a single seamless perception of reality, and what is going on inside our heads when we experience personal conflict.

When colleges, businesses or other groups of people who live or work together hear Dr. Jill speak, there is a shift in the overall understanding about what is going on when people exhibit behavior that is not conducive to team building. Everything changes when we know other people are evaluating our behavior based on our brain anatomy. Entire groups of people learn how to interact with one another both respectfully and effectively.


Dr. Jill loves keynoting and is a master at tailoring her presentation to the interest and skill-set of the audience. Regardless of who she is speaking to – corporate leaders, medical professionals, government officials, or the lay public, Dr. Jill believes we all have much more power over what is going on inside our heads than we were ever taught. Her fascination and love of the human brain is contagious as she clarifies how any of us can embrace and exert the life force power we innately are.

People walk away from these presentations looking at themselves through a much more open and compassionate filter. When we understand who is who inside of each of our hemispheres, we can learn to recognize those skill-sets within ourselves and in others. Dr. Jill helps us see that we each really do have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world. It's not that hard when you know what you are looking for. Peace truly is just a thought away.


As an "Advocate for Humanity," Dr. Jill is a compassionate motivational speaker who speaks from her heart, both as a well sibling of a brother who has been diagnosed with the brain disorder schizophrenia and as a neuroscientist who recovered her own mind from a debilitating stroke (AVM) which initially rendered her completely disabled.

Dr. Jill has dedicated her career to the advancement of research into the human brain and neurological recovery from trauma. Her passion is to educate everyone about the fragile, yet resilient nature of this incredible organ. By sharing her science and her unique personal journey, she communicates a message of hope, education, and celebration in a way that people can truly understand, and they walk away not only moved but shifted in their perception of who they are in the world and what they are doing with their power.

Presentation topics include:

- "My Stroke of Insight" with a focus on the content of Dr. Jill's book My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey.

- "How to Get Your Brain To Do What You Want It To Do" with a focus on how we can create a healthy environment for the cells making up our brain so they can exhibit optimal health and performance.

- "Who's Who Inside of You?" with a focus on identifying the two very different personalities, talents, and skill-sets within each of our hemispheres with the intention of developing our ability to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.

- "90 Seconds to Happiness" with a focus on understanding how the choices we make and the thoughts we think directly influence our level of joy.
- “Compassion in Medicine” with a focus on the paradigm shift which understands that neuroplasticity of the brain not only supports neurological recovery but is our means for manifesting it. Medical professionals learn first hand what it was like for another medical professional to experience this level of illness and recovery, as well as what was needed and what interfered with neuronal recovery.

Presentations appropriate for college audiences:

Theme/Topic:  Education and Empowerment
Title:  “90 Seconds to Happiness”
Description:  How we think is just as important as what we think; you have to know the brain to train the brain.  With brains still developing and incredibly impressionable into our mid 20’s, this talk focuses on understanding how the choices we make and the thoughts we think are influenced by the environment around us.  Finding the intersection between logic and creativity will help you take charge of your thoughts and directly influence your level of happiness.
Theme/Topic:  Global Citizenship/Diversity
Title: “Advocate for Humanity”
Description:  Once you understand yourself and the biology of your brain, you can more easily understand others and can identify commonalities among people with very different cultures/viewpoints/experiences.
Theme/Topic:  Ethics
Title:  “Who’s Who Inside of You”
Description:  This talk focuses on identifying the different personalities, talents, and skill-sets within each of our hemispheres with the intention of developing our ability to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.

"Transformative Stories" with Carrie Newcomer:
- Also appropriate for college and general public populations, Dr. Taylor teams up with singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer for "Transformative Stories". This evening of entertainment has been repeatedly praised as "an event of uncommon depth" and  the reports have been so positive that Carrie and Dr. Jill have decided to offer it again.  Click here to download a one page description of the Transformative Stories evening of possibilities.


In addition to these subjects of discussion, Dr. Jill is happy to create an original topic in order to cater her presentation to an organization's specific needs. Everyone has a brain and we are at a time when people really want to understand who we are and how does our brain do what it does. Dr. Jill helps bridge the gap between what we know and what we need to know in order to take the next steps forward as a humane species in relation to our planet.

To inquire about bringing Dr. Jill to your organization for a speaking engagement, or for more details about the events on her schedule, please contact adam  at   *** my stroke of insight  ****.   com  (without the spaces or stars).

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