Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

My Stroke of Insight is traveling around the world! If you need the book in a different language, there may be a translation already published and available for you.


        Dutch version published by Kosmos         German version published by Knauer

     French version published by JC Lattès       Portuguese (Brazil) version by Ediouro

Croatian version published by Planetopija      Norwegian version by Cappellen Damm

Danish version published by Borgen       Finnish version published by Otava

Italian version published by Mondadori       Slovene version by Mladinsk Knjiga

Spanish version published by Mondadori       Japanese version by Shincho-Sha

Chinese (Hong Kong) version published by Commonwealth

More translations of My Stroke of Insight are scheduled to be published throughout the year in different places around the world, including Spain, Italy, Israel, Finland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Greece, Denmark, Romania. Covers will be posted here as versions are released. Please note that the English (UK) version, in both hardcover and paperback, is published by Hodder & Stoughton. Look for a copy in bookstores around the world!

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